Sunday Book Catch-Up

book-challengeSometimes, when I see the little, “you’re x number of books ahead of your challenge” I feel like Goodreads is judging me a bit. Like, really? You’re six books ahead of your challenge? What are you doing with your life? Shhhh, Goodreads, let’s not talk about.

I was doing good until this week. I had finished Heartless, and I didn’t have a massive book hangover. I was super excited to try out a new books I found – I know, I know, and deter from my November TBR list that I had professionally planned out – but…in a matter of a day, I had three DNFs added to my Did Not Finish book shelf on goodreads. Three strikes, and I was out and back to my original list. Here is my review, or I suppose thoughts, since I didn’t read enough of them to give them a proper review.

Kiss Cam by Kiara London

I was super excited for this book. I wanted some super adorable, contemp feels after the massive world of Wonderland, and I was just…I couldn’t get into the vibe of this one. It felt too…youngish in a sense, and the writing style was just…it was too much telling too soon. I skimmed a bit more and I didn’t feel it much more, so I threw in the book towel.

Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco

I was excited to move onto this one – totally different feels but still sounded amazing. However, after reading the first chapter, I was feeling more queasy than feeling the feels. I don’t usually get so nauseous around books and gory descriptions – especially since I just finished reading Of Metal and Wishes which was set in a slaughterhouse for goodness’s sake. Maybe it was just the day that I wasn’t feeling it or had just seen a liver taken out on television so I could picture it perfectly? I just couldn’t do it, so second strike for this Book Princess.

How to Hang a Witch by Adriana Mather

This is the book that I gave the most of a chance to. I went the most pages into it – probably only like 30 – but I really tried. Again, it sounded a bit too youngish, and by this time, I think that I was just done with all the other books and didn’t want to invest myself in this one right after I read a bad review about it. So, again, done.

SO, the moral of the lesson is don’t stray from your original November TBR because apparently you will end up in a terrible reading slump with three new DNFs on your shelf. Maybe I will try again later, but that’s the end of them for now. I’m now back onto my original plan – The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson – so let’s see how this goes.


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