Monday Musings – November TBR

november-tbrHappy Monday, everyone! Or at least, I think. There is always just something about Mondays that gets people feeling off, and I think I’m feeling it this one.

So, I know it’s a far bit into November, but I figured I should maybe at least figure out my main TBR pile for this month. I’m actually not one of those people that plan out just what they’re reading and when. My best friend has been texting me her TBR pile and has it all figured out until January.

Me? I tend to be the girl that flies by her book seam. I think the only time I have actually planned what I was going to read next is if I got a super new release that I’ve been itching to read as soon as I get it but am currently reading something else or with a giveaway.  All the other times? I tend to go by how I feel at the moment – what feels I’m having, what genre I’m into at the moment, if I see a particular fantastic review, or what my other bookie friends have pushed to me at the moment.

But this is a book blog, and I’m getting a feeling it’s kind of mandatory to do it, lol? So, here are some books that I’m feeling/currently reading at the moment for this interesting November.

I’m currently in the midst of reading this one at the moment and super close to finishing of-metal-and-wishesit (I will hopefully be done by the time that you are reading this post!). I’m definitely going to be finishing that one, and that review should definitely be an interesting one.

UPS-land finally delivered, and my wonderful baby is now here. I just want to cuddle and coddle and snuggle with it. I cannot wait to read this and see if Meyer lives up to her extremely high TLC standards (although, that didn’t work so well for me with the Grisha triology in regards to Leigh Bardugo). This is definitely my next read, so I guess I actually do have one official TBR that will not be changing. Yay team!

I’ve had this book sitting on my shelf since mid summer when I got it and was dying to read it. However, I’m not really sure what ended up causing me to push it to the side and skip over it. Maybe it was because summer is usually hardcore library book time and I’ll go pull out 10 books at a time, being distracted by their pretty covers and forget about the actual books on my shelf? I’m definitely kind of feeling this, though, and after reading Of Metal and Wishes and Heartless, I should be in a contemp romance vibe. Plus, why not read a full-on summer book in the middle of autumn? I’m sure it will be a great time.

Ever since I did the re-read of Cinder, I’ve been hardcore wanting to re-read the rest of the series, especially since I can’t remember this one at all. However, I’m trying to pace this out, because once I finish this, I will want to read Cress, and then once I finish that, I will want to read Winter…which I don’t have and then I will be very sad. I don’t want to be very sad. And it’s very hard to read a book that I’ve already read before when I have 600 books on my to read list. It makes me feel guilty. Merry Christmas to me?

Although I’ve been itching for a trip to the library and I don’t have any intensely cheesy romances in here, so this will probably be changing soon. I’ve been known to be the person that constantly changes what I want to read because I get it stuck in my head I only feel like reading one particular type of genre – I’m looking at you ghostie gothic or any ghostie ghosts book – and ignoring all thoughts on what I had planned on reading next.

So, what do you do? Do you create a TBR list? Do you just go with what feeling you have at the time you finish the book? Do you do a combo of the three? I want to know what you guys and girls do, because I’m feeling pretty guilty that I don’t create a good to read pile. Let me know! And let’s see by the end of November if anything actually stuck. XD


2 thoughts on “Monday Musings – November TBR

  1. What do I do? Well since you asked…
    I create a list (that I don’t finish)
    I get in the mood of reading other books (that expand my TBR)
    And in the end I might read one or two from the original list and would have added three or four on goodreads, bought another five and borrowed six from the library 🙂
    All in all, I seriously need to start sticking to my reading schedule!
    BTW your in for a treat with Scarlet ❤


    1. Lol, that sounds about right with me. There are just too many good books out there to read!

      Yay about Scarlet! I remember liking it the first time but it has been sooooo long I forgot everything about it. I may move it up on the list then.

      Thanks so much for replying! 😀

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