Heartless Is Here!

queen-of-heartsHeartless by Marissa Meyer is here, and it is the most anticipated book of 2016 for me! Which is a bit odd, since I’ve never really been a fan of Alice and Wonderland stories – however, it is the queen of hearts and it is coming from the goddess, Marissa Meyer. I don’t see how this book could possibly go wrong.

My book, though, is hanging out in UPS-land instead of Wonderland, so I’m not entirely sure when I will get it – which is much sadness on my part since I’m dying to read it. Will the term, “Off with her head!” be used? Because my head might fly off if I don’t get this book soon.

If case you don’t know what Heartless is, it is the untold story about the Queen of Hearts – far before she was the evil queen of Wonderland. She just wants to bake the day away – instead she’s going to be forced to be the queen of a land that she’s not fully committed to. When she meets a court jester named Jest (lol, so creative there but I kind of feel it?), she falls in love, and they start a courtship that is rejected by all others. How will they survive in the madness of Wonderland?

Does it not sound amazing? *interal fangirl screaming*

What is/was your most anticipated book for 2016? Are you as excited for Heartless to come out as me? Have you already gotten yours?

I guess stay tuned for my Heartless angst – because it is surely coming.

Check out more about it:


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