738 Days by Stacey Kade

738 Days by Stacey Kade

738 Days she spent in captivity…738 days she stared at his face above her bed…now that’s she free and sees the real Chase, just what will she ever do?

Amanda was captured and held prisoner by a man for 738 days when she was fifteen. While he did unspeakable things to her, she found solace in the Chase Henry poster that hung above her bed that gave her a connection to home. When she is finally rescued, adjusting back to regular life isn’t as easy as first anticipated. She’s paranoid all the time, it’s hard for her to go to her job, heck, it’s hard for her to even wear short-sleeved shirts.

Enter in Chase Henry – once heartthrob and now washed up actor. He needs something big to get him back in the limelight and what better way than meet up with the girl that said he helped saved her all the years ago when she was in captivity? But neither of them are what each other is expecting and the more time that they spend with each other, the more they start falling for each other. Will they figure out a way to make it work…or with everyone plotting against, will they fall apart?

                                A Belle rating for the insta-insta-insta love.

While I thought this book do so many things right, there were a few things that I just quite couldn’t get fully behind. I thought both Amanda and Chase were amazingly realistic and dynamic, complex characters. The hoops and trials they had to get behind and over in their lives were truly horrible, and they handled it in real and true ways. I truly rooted for both and them, and I believe they both learned so much over the past few days.

And there lies my biggest problem with this book. Chase and Amanda fell in love in just a matter of days. Like, what, three or four? I loved the dynamics in their relationship and I truly believed they cared deeply for each other, but it would have made much more sense over a few weeks or months instead of four days. Did he even find out what her favorite color was? Like, that was honestly not what mattered, and to throw a cliche, out-of-style phrase out there, my head met desk a couple of times. That’s what really knocked a few stars off. A relationship cannot be built in a few days that is filled with trust and love – especially for these two that are so completely and utterly damaged.

Stacey Kade does have an amazing writing style, and it is so ridiculously easy to read. She tackled dual POVs and made it easy to tell the difference between them with their unique and complicated personalities. She made me feel for each of them. There were some parts where I got a little bored, but it might have been because I just got off high fantasy readings.

I also think Kade dealt with Amanda’s trauma and fear very nicely and it was truly believable. I have no way of knowing what Amanda felt or would have felt having been in her position, but I loved how just because how she felt about Chase didn’t mean she still couldn’t be scared of his touch – which is how the world works and not just what New Adult seems to think.

Overall, this was a good read, but I think there were a few things that were far too rushed. I would still recommend if you were looking for a good, feeling romance. You must be able to suspend quite a bit of reality in order to make it work.

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