Kingdom of Ash and Briars by Hannah West

dscn2472Kingdom of Ash and Briars by Hannah West

But truthfully, it’s more like Kingdom of Meh and More Meh. Exactly like Sleeping Beauty’s face. She is not pleased.

DNF at 32%

Guys and gals, you don’t understand how excited I was for this book. Not only did it have a ridiculously beautiful cover, it promised me a Sleeping Beauty retelling – and not just a Sleeping Beauty retelling, it also promised to take elements from other folklore and fairytale novels including Mulan. MULAN, KIDS. Mulan, Rapuzel, and Sleeping Beauty are my ultimate Disney Princesses, so imagine all the squealing I did when I discovered that two would be in this book. I stalked Amazon and Barnes and Noble every day to see if this would go down in price and what day was the actual day it would be released (there were three different days that each website would tell me and it turned out to be, like, none of them.) It was a really power in restraint not to buy it, and because I saw a few negative reviews, I finally had a stern talking to myself and decided to wait for the library. Thank gosh for that mind-conversation, though, because I ended up struggling through this no matter how pretty the cover was.

I tried soooo hard with this book. I really did. I got 114 pages in, which usually my limit is two chapters in and I’m done if I’m not feeling it.

However, no matter what I did, I just couldn’t get into this book. It fell so flat to me. I didn’t care about the plot. I didn’t care about the characters. I felt nothing for the main character, and we hadn’t even met the love interest yet. But seriously, how do you go 114 pages in a smaller book (like only 300 pages) and NOT meet the love interest yet? It just seemed really boring to me.

What made me even more upset is there was honestly nothing really wrong with it. Hannah West has a nice writing style, and her concept was amazing. She really did flesh out the whole concept nicely, and I love anything fairytale. So far, she did a very interesting take on the Sleeping Beauty tale.

But it was just boring, meh, and I just couldn’t get into it, and it’s a real shame. So much for one of my most excited books of 2016.

Check it out:

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