The Fortune Hunter by Jasmine Hayne

the-fortune-hunterThe Fortune Hunter by Jasmine Haynes

Walking into this book, you know that it’s not going to be the next classic. You know it’s not going to be on the level of Shakespeare or Wilde or Austen. Instead, you get exactly what you read on the back cover: a spicy, clichéd romance with one of the oldest tropes ever. However, it is one of my favorite romance tropes, and I did overall I did enjoy it more than I disliked it.

We’re introduced to a couple who have what each other wants. Connor can provide Faith with what she has always wanted: a marriage to raise her child in since she has been craving a baby…probably since she found out their existence. Faith? She can provide Connor the capital and the legacy he has always wanted since the death of his parents. He is The Fortune Hunter, after all. To ensure both their needs are met, they get married much to the protests of, I don’t know, everyone. I don’t think there was a person that was into this marriage. Will their marriage survive? Will they both get what they want? Or just end up unhappy and alone?

While I did enjoy this book, I really didn’t feel too much of a connection with it. Perhaps because each of characters never strayed outside their tropes and clichés? I liked Faith well enough, but she was constantly stuck in the poor-me-I’m-a-Size-10-no-one-will-love-me characterization and Connor was…he was there and bit of a jaded, power-hungry male. He wasn’t quite all alpha and really wanted Faith to feel better about herself instead of just being like, “GIRL. YOU’RE PRETTY, SHUT UP.” Overall, I did like the two of them, and I definitely liked them as a couple. I very much approved.

I suppose the issue with the other characters were that if you weren’t Faith or Connor, you were super untrustworthy. I mean, I literally didn’t know if anyone besides these two were good and half of the time, you were doubting Connor’s goodness, too. All the other characters were painted in a bad streak, and I mean, finally we got Josie and Trinity to be official good girls, too, but not much else. I also could not stand Jarvis, so honestly, I took down a star because I couldn’t stand all the scenes that were with him. At one point, I would skim the parts that had his name just so I could get back with the real stars of the story – Faith and Connor.

I know I pointed out a lot of its flaws, but it was a good read…if go into it, realizing there is no real substance to be had. It’s a campy, cliché romance, but the author writes it well. It was super readable, the author has a nice writing style, and I binge read it in two nights. Faith and Connor were a cute and likeable couple, and I did feel the feels for them. It was a good read.

However, there were so major things that irked me, and I just couldn’t get into it fully. It’s a good addition to the trope and a fun, little read for the most part. I gave it 3/5 stars, and if you’re looking for a mindless read, this could be an acceptable read.

Check it out:

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