Hidden Hollywood by Kylie Gilmore

hidden-hollywoodHidden Hollywood by Kylie Gilmore

For the longest time – okay, fine, like a big ole 24 hours while I binge read this – I totally forgot what the title was. I for sure thought it was Happy Endings Book Club. Imagine my surprise when I saw that it did, in fact, find out that its title was Hidden Hollywood. Okay, it wasn’t all that surprising but still.

The premise of Hidden Hollywood is as adorable and cheesy as it sounds. Our lovely heroine, Claire Jordan, is Hollywood’s It Girl. She’s got everything going for her at the moment with her new production company, movie, and career. The only thing that is missing is her love life – which is about as sucky as a Edward Cullen impersonator on Halloween – it’s just bad. Enter in her new bundle of friends – the Happy Endings Book Club – who are determined to fix their new friend up with a book club approved man.

Jake Campbell is just like Claire. He’s got a chip on his figurative dating shoulder from all the girls that just want to use him for his body or money, and he’s not looking to get back into the romance game. However, when Jake agrees to pull the ole switcharoo with his twin, Josh, to hang out with a lovely, small town girl, he doesn’t imagine he could ever fall for the girl on the blind date – and especially now that she’s effectively disappeared.

What will happen with these lovebirds? Will we ever know?

Well, the answer lie straight up in the title?

I thought this was a pretty good book. It was a delightful little feels that definitely brought me the feels. While there wasn’t much new in this book, I enjoyed the characters and the little twists that Gilmore did to make it a bit different than the rest of the cliched romance pack. You should know this going into the book, and if you can handle that, you will definitely have an enjoyable, super easy and quick read.

I did like the characters. I really did like Claire as the heroine. I wasn’t so sure about her at first, since I didn’t get any real feels from her in the beginning, but by the end, I was totally rooting for her. I understood why she did why she did, and she really did have a good grasp on what she wanted for her future and herself. She felt well rounded, and I could see the adjustments to her character as the story went on, which was needed for the changes. I kind of preferred Josh to Jake, though. I liked Jake, but I guess I wanted him a bit more…I don’t know. I just wanted something a bit more from him. I did like him, though.

I did love the supporting characters. I loved the relationship between Hailey and Josh, and man, Kylie was right about the angst of their relationship. They are two minor characters that have a love-hate, will-they-won’t-they pull, and to tell the truth, these are the relationships I adore and I was rooting for them a bit more than I was rooting for Claire and Jake. I can’t wait for their book.

I also loved the whole dynamic of the book club. I thought it was an interesting addition to the book and concept, and I have to admit that it was a great showcase of powerful and empowering female relationships. It was great to see a book that actually didn’t just add in the sassy, quirky female best friend to have the prerequisite friend. Instead, it was a good group of side characters that had their own personalities – although I mixed up a few of them at some point, but I’m super sure they’re be expanded more in other books – and I loved how they encouraged each other and actually showed true friendship. Mad was great as well, and I can’t wait to read her story, which is Inviting Trouble, the next one coming out.

The storyline was pretty good, and I mean there was a small mystery added in – although it was super obvious. The clear storyline was the romance, and if you’re good with that, it’s good.

The only reason that I took down a star is because I felt like it was missing a little something. I mean, it was a cheesy, adorable romance book, but I’m not sure how long it will stay with me after I’m done and only the next book. It felt like it was missing that little extra push of something. I still will go on to read the rest in the series, but I guess I just wanted a little something extra? I swear if I say little something one more time, you all reading this will tell me a little something about it.

Overall, this was a cute story, a cute setup, and a cute romance. If you’re fine with that, you’ll definitely enjoy this book. I sure did. However, it is missing a certain spark that will really resonate this book with you for a long time after. It still is good and adorable, though, so I would recommend. Just go in knowing you’re going to be greeted with cliched romances, sassy book club members, and a disappointing lack of carbs.

*I received this as part of the Goodreads First program from the author. It did in no way change my opinion or review of this book although I definitely appreciated it. Thanks to the author!*

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