The Way to Game the Walk of Shame by Jenn P. Nguyen

the-way-to-game-the-walk-of-shameThe Way to Game the Walk of Shame by Jenn P. Nguyen

The last book for Adorable Contemp Day is probably the chessiest and most cliche. You must always leave for last on a holiday like today. It still is a good read, but I would recommend the other two that I reviewed for Adorable Contemp Day first!

I was craving some adorable, cheesy romance when I read this book, and it gave me just the right amount of feels – and I certainly sped through it, which was a plus. Ms. Nguyen’s writing was just the right amount of light and fluffy while being super readable. I will definitely be looking for her stuff in the future, because she can definitely write.

This book was about Taylor and Evan. Taylor is the classic Type A, Little Miss Perfect, school President who doesn’t want anything to mess with her perfect reputation. Evan? He’s a surfer god who has girls battling to pet his golden blond hair. They’re complete opposites, and when Taylor wakes up in Evan’s bed after a party, she improvises and forces Evan into a contract to be her boyfriend to salvage her reputation.

It was a charming little book, and although it was cliche as all get up, there was still some realness to these characters. Every once in a while, I need some cheesy goodness, and even though the whole fake boyfriend trope is one of the oldest and most used, I still enjoy it. If you’re looking for some major originality, don’t look here.

The only thing that made me knock down a star was perhaps I still didn’t quite feel like the contract part was really needed. It wasn’t brought up again once it was hatched. It was like ooooh, let’s add this thing and then never really touch on it again. Being the little annoying nitpicker that I was, I kept looking out for it. It was this flaw in the premise that irks me a bit and never really made me fully get into the five star feels. And perhaps that was the thing that really just made me love, love, love this book.

Other than that, I truly did enjoy this book. It fit all of the requirements for an adorable summer read and I love a good cliche romance where the two people that hate each other get smushed together. I also really appreciated the characterization for Evan and Taylor. Both of them felt super, ridiculously real. This book also touched on something that so many young adult books do nowadays: slut shaming. Even if Taylor began to do, she instantly apologized and listed all of the reasons it was wrong. It felt like things real people do, and I appreciated how the author captured all of this. Plus, there were quite a few actual lol moments, which is a rarity for me and I wasn’t expecting it because it was so sly.

A perfect read for the summer!

Check it out:


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